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U is for the Unseen

U is for the Unseen

Have you ever felt unseen? Have you ever wished you were invisible?

I have. I remember wishing I could melt into the walls at school. I remember working in jobs where some workers were acknowledged and some were not. I remember the feeling of relief in both those places when I could slip away and hide myself for just a few moments. At least it was a break from the desire to run away or the knowledge that those you were with wouldn’t notice if you did.

Regardless of how unseen I wanted to be or that I felt, there was one truth that would not let me go. God saw me–and He loved me. Nothing else mattered. There was no where I could go where He could not see me (Psalm 139:7). And there was not a single moment when He wasn’t thinking of me (Psalm 139:17).

My parents taught me that truth about God and they demonstrated it with their lives and actions. But there are millions of men, women, and children living around the world today who do not know this to be true. They have never seen it. They have never heard it or been taught that there is a God who sees them and loves them. God’s eyes are on each and every one of us. He sees the little girl in the white dress in the photo above. He sees the little boy in the third row who is hiding behind his brother or good friend. He sees each one beyond the reach of the camera. His eye is on the sparrow (Luke 12:6-7); He knows the name of every one of His sheep (John 10:14-15).

Will you pray with me today that God’s love will reach every single person who feels or who has ever felt unseen?

Ben and Me

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Blog for Asia-In a Women’s World

We’ve heard the phrase, “she lives in her own little world.” Usually, the phrase is meant negatively. But, in some ways isn’t that true of every one of us? We have our daily routines, our families, friends, and personal networks. Our neighbors and the people we pass on the sidewalk every day.

And, whether we like to admit it or not, we all know there are certain inequalities about life that impact what our own little worlds look like.

This is the situation for millions of women in Asia. They are often the last to eat in an environment when food is perpetually scarce. They are often the first to go to into child labor, or even be trafficked.

And, these women often have even fewer chances to hear about God’s love than others do. Cultural taboos forbid men from speaking to them about matters of faith.

A ministry named Gospel for Asia trains women missionaries to go into the worlds that men cannot, to reach lost women trapped in worlds all their own.

Please pray for these missionaries and see if there is anything you can do to help them reach every woman who is trapped in her own world. You can read more at:

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Blog for Asia-More than 250 million women in Asia cannot read. Help change that.

Your chest hurts, your heart wants to explode.  But, you know what that symbol means—you are headed in the right direction.  There are people waiting who can help you.

Imagine a different scenario.  You are sitting in your small home, your children playing on the floor close by.  Your chest hurts.  Your heart wants to explode.  But, it’s not the physical pains that mean a heart attack is happening.  It’s much deeper than that.  It’s an ache inside your heart, a loneliness that will not pass, a pain that seems to grow bigger by the day.  Last week, a woman came to the house and left a piece of paper.  She said there is a God who can heal the deepest hurts inside our hearts.  You listened, but you weren’t sure what to think.  You pick up the paper.  You wish you could remember everything the woman had said.  But, reading the paper is beyond your reach.  The symbols mean nothing.  You cannot read them.

For over two hundred and fifty million women in Asia, that is reality.  Put yourself in their place.  You know you need help, know there is something more, but you cannot decipher the symbols that tell you the answers.

Celebrate World Literacy Day, September 8th by taking a moment to listen the story of what it meant to a woman in Asia when she finally learned to read, after a lifetime at staring at meaningless squiggles and symbols.  You’ll find it at:

And, if you’d like to help start your own campaign to help more women in Asia learn to read, this site will show you how:

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