Prayer Requests and Praises by Country

This page is an archive of all the posts on Looking Out the 10/40 Window, by country.  To find all the posts related to a country, simply click on the country’s name below.

*Please note, as this archive is a work-in-progress, all prior posts have not yet been included.  This page will be updated frequently.


Afghanistan is concerned… (8/20/12)

Christians in Afghanistan are praising God for keeping them safe and bringing them through a very scary time… (9/23/12)

Being a Christian in Afghanistan means being part of a very small minority…(9/30/12)


TiranaFest brought the message and hope of God’s Word to thousands in the capital of Albania… (10/11/12)


Over one million people have been impacted, and over one hundred have been killed by the worst flooding of the Jamuna River in Bangladesh in sixty years… (10/15/12)


Bhutan is a very difficult place to live for the few thousand believers who make it their home… (9/15/12)


What would you choose if faced with a choice of drinking unsafe water or risking kidnapping?… (9/8/12)


Please pray for a shipment of Bibles that are being sent to Christians in rural China… (9/7/12)

Chinese college students facing a difficult transition… (9/9/12)

Earthquakes in southwestern China took the lives of many and destroyed the lives of many more.  Now, heavy rains are bringing flooding to the wounded region.  How can you pray?… (9/13/12)

They served the people for seven years.  Now, the government is ordering a missionary couple to leave the country in ten days.  Please pray for a couple in China… (9/15/12)

Some people in China are very happy—they have received Bibles of their very own… (9/23/12)

Please pray for China and the Christian followers there during a year of transition… (10/3/12)

Please continue to pray for the Christians of the Shouwang Church of China. Despite regular arrests… (10/17/12)


Please pray for those facing continued violence in Egypt… (9/19/12)

Prayer is urgently needed for Christians in Rafah City, Egypt… (10/1/12)


Ethnic violence in Assam.  Their homes and villages were shut down for two days… (9/2/12)

Flooding in the slums of India.  Where could you live that would be worse than a slum in Mumbai, India?…  (9/2/12)

Read the story of a missionary in India, a Brahmin who was challenged to examine his life—by a farmer… (9/4/12)

Read prayer requests for a ministry team in India seeking to free slaves of human trafficking… (9/4/12)

Meet the Shekhawati people of Rajasthan, a people with noble heritage… (9/4/12)

Birthday Request for Aman, who LOVES playing ball games and turned 8 years old on September 5… (9/4/12)

Four years is a long time to wait for justice—especially when you’re an orphan.  For Christians in Orissa, India, the wait has been long… (9/5/12)

Businessmen in need of Christ… (9/7/12)

The Marwari speaking people of Rajasthan, India, value trust in their business and personal relationships… (9/7/12)

Ministry in the face of fear in Orissa state… (9/7/12)

Outcasts in a forgotten corner of India need your prayers… (9/8/12)

The Kota area of Rajasthan is the home of the Harauti speaking people, an unreached group of people living in India who need to come to know the salvation Jesus Christ provides…. (9/8/12)

A prayer request for the Bairagi Ascetics in India, who give up their identity to follow Brahmin teachings… (9/10/12)

The lives of the Mehar people of India are governed by rituals and customs… (9/10/12)

Discover the Badhi people of India and how you can pray for them… (9/11/12)

Rathia people struggling in Rajasthan, India, need your prayers… (9/11/12)

The Bajgar people of India live a life bound by customs and traditions that provide no hope… (9/12/12)

A community of over one-hundred thousand people in India, largely forgotten by their neighbors… (9/13/12)

Moving from job to job, unable to read, living in a very low caste in India.  Meet the Zamrai people of India… (9/14/12)

100% of the Raigar people of Rajasthan, India, are believed to be Hindu… (9/15/12)

The Bhil people of India worship many gods from many faiths… (9/17/12)

Low caste, poor, pre-literate—the Meghwal people of India need your prayers… (9/17/12)

For many Bagdi Bhil people of India, little or no education makes them targets at the marketplace… (9/18/12)

Families in India are receiving much-needed help and training… (9/19/12)

They used to be mighty warriors. Their name used to strike fear… (8/20/12)

Times are changing for the Aheria people of India… (8/20/12)

The Garasis people of India need your prayers… (9/24/12)

The Meena people understand that wrong actions are punished. Payment must be made… (9/27/12)

Eight years ago, a tsunami completely destroyed the lives and homes of thousands of people, including many in the Andhra Pradesh region of India… (9/27/12)

The Jains of India value all life. But, they do not realize that their own lives are in great danger…  (9/28/12)

Has your church ever let you down? Please take a moment to read Pastor Khanna’s story… (9/29/12)

Christians in Bhanpuri, India desperately need your prayers… (9/30/12)

The Sirvi people of India work hard, but they never know if it is enough… (10/1/12)

Many of their neighbors don’t care much for the Silawat people of India… (10/2/12)

The Singiwala people of Rajasthan, India, work only the most disgusting jobs… (10/3/12)

Leadership seems to come naturally to many of the Godara Jat people of India… (10/4/12)

A recent court ruling is good news for Christian in India… (10/5/12)

Many Dalits in India face a terrible choice—get food for their family or medical care… (10/5/12)

Their ancestors are thought to have traveled to India from Iran… (10/6/12)

They are free to roam, moving from job to job as they desire… (10/7/12)

Almost one million Daroga people live in Rajasthan, India. Not one of them is known to understand the love of Jesus… (10/8/12)

Flooding victims in Assam, India, need your prayers… (10/9/12)

Imagine those around you thinking your only purpose in life is to serve their needs and be taken advantage of… (10/10/12)

The Rayeen people of India are many in number. But, there are none of their number who are known to understand the reason Jesus alone is the way to God… (10/14/12)

In July, 2012, I posted reports from India about a missionary named Ponnachan George who was kidnapped, then miraculously freed.  See an interview with him here… (10/15/12)

Some of the Shaikh people of India are highly respected for their wisdom as religious leaders. But, they are missing the only real and abiding Truth… (10/18/12)

The Mahur people of India recognize the bad and harmful traits in their lives. What they don’t know is how to live a life of victory over them… (10/19/12)

A church leader and his twelve-year-old daughter were attacked and beaten in India… (10/20/12)


Evangelists in Indonesia attacked.  Please pray for Roy and Ribur, evangelists in Indonesia who were attacked, beaten, and taken to the police station for talking to a woman about God… (9/9/12)

Eight years ago, Mr. Pindongo was the victim of an attack that cost him his hands and much of his eyesight… (9/16/12)

A recording studio in Indonesia is reaching out to people who cannot read—with Scriptures they can listen to instead… (9/21/12)


Please pray for all those impacted by recent earthquakes in Iran… (9/9/12)

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani released!… (9/10/12)

Tremors continue to rock Iran… (9/18/12)

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani was freed from prison in Iran, but his lawyer has now been jailed and sentenced for his role in defending the Christian pastor… (10/12/12)

A ministry has asked for prayer for the family and loved ones of a Christian leader in Iran… (10/17/12)


How would you feel if your country had been ravaged by an earthquake and tsunami last year, then you awoke one morning to find your government predicting another major quake will hit your country within a few years?… (9/12/12)


Please pray for the family of Cheryll Harvey, a Christian woman killed while working in Jordan… (9/8/12)

Is Jordan next on the list of countries to be targeted with pressure from extremists… (10/7/12)

The humanitarian crisis in Jordan is exploding, and help is needed urgently… (10/10/12)


A pastor and his family fled religious persecution in Uzbekistan in 2007 by entering Kazakhstan.  Now, the government of Kazakhstan is returning the pastor, his pregnant wife, and their children… (9/12/12).  Read a second article about the pastor here: (9/18/12)


A 17-year-old in Laos facing tremendous pressure from her family to give up her faith.  Phum is seventeen… (9/2/12)

Thong Hak was a 24-year-old member of the Khmu tribe in Laos… (9/22/12)

Three pastors in Laos urgently need your prayers… (10/6/12)


Please pray for a man in Lebanon who is risking everything to share the love of God… (10/18/12)

Middle East

So many reports of violence.  Please keep all the people of the Middle East in your prayers… (9/14/12)

Myanmar (Burma)

Floods in Burma. Please pray for the people of Burma as they continue to face hardships caused by monsoon rains and internal conflicts… (9/3/12)

Please take a moment and read this heart-tugging update about a ministry’s visit to some children’s homes in Burma and Nepal.  Hear their stories.  See their smiles.  Remember them in prayer… (9/5/12)

Christians in Burma persevering in the face persecution, especially among the Chin, Kachin, and Karen peoples… (9/13/12)

In spite of ongoing persecution and violence in his country of Burma, Myo Zaw has thirty-four reasons to be thankful… (9/15/12)

One ministry is reaching out to school children in Burma by filling a void left by a failing public school system… (9/18/12)

Imagine you are a refugee in hiding in Burma… (9/19/12)


2,000 Bibles delivered in Nepal… (9/1/12)

Please take a moment and read this heart-tugging update about a ministry’s visit to some children’s homes in Burma and Nepal.  Hear their stories.  See their smiles.  Remember them in prayer… (9/5/12)

Pray for a ministry in Nepal who is reaching out to needy communities with health care, public health initiatives, and the eternal love of God… (10/13/12)


The assistant pastor lost his wife in the attack on his church in Nigeria one month ago… (9/12/12)

Some girls in Nigeria received a much-needed reason to smile… (9/16/12)

Another suicide bombing has taken the lives of Christians in Nigeria… (9/28/12)

Boko Haram has attacked a Muslim school in Nigeria… (10/9/12)

How can a widow forgive the men who killed her husband?… (10/11/12)

Nigerian Christians faced an attack of a new kind recently… (10/12/12)

North Korea

The Hermit Kingdom of North Korea.    The signs may look encouraging, but experts warn that Kim Jong Un’s outward displays of embracing a more modern lifestyle is simply that—a display… (9/3/12)

Tens of thousands of people—men, women, and children—who have had the courage to share Christ with others are suffering right now in prison camps throughout North Korea… (9/14/12)


A man kidnapped by the Taliban in Pakistan… (9/1/12)

A surprising development in the case against Rimsha, the little girl in Pakistan who was charged with blasphemy… (9/5/12)

Please pray for a man in Pakistan who tried to photocopy a hymn that praised Jesus. When others at the shop saw the text, they beat him… (9/6/12)

They threw garbage at his house and left him a message in graffiti. An evangelist in Pakistan requests prayer for himself and his family… (9/6/12)

The lone Christian Cabinet member serving in Pakistan’s government is leading a call for the country to re-think its blasphemy law… (9/6/12)

It was during the evening hours, when eleven-year-old Nadia was asleep at her home in Pakistan, that she heard the minister at a nearby church quote Jesus’ words in John 14:6… (9/6/12)

A Scripture distribution in Pakistan.  An upcoming festival is providing a chance to freely give copies of the Gospel of John and entire New Testaments to many people in Pakistan… (9/9/12)

Being a Christian in Pakistan is hard.  Being a girl makes it even harder… (9/10/12)

Hasan is praising God for giving him the opportunity to share His love with an unemployed man who was ready to give up on life… (9/16/12)

Kazim knows what it means to suffer for someone you love… (9/17/12)

Asia Bibi has been in prison for more than two years… (9/21/12)

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mardan City, Pakistan, is no stranger to the violence and hostility mobs can unleash…(9/29/12)


Flooding, suffering, and hope for the people of Senegal… (9/11/12)

Sri Lanka

Imagine you and your wife are returning to your home in Sri Lanka after visiting one of the members of your church.  You are met by an angry mob… (9/14/12)

South Asia

And, a pastor in South Asia recovering from an accident who needs your prayers… (9/2/12)

Hemraj went to the village to tell others about the God who loves them… (9/3/12)

A story about how God is transforming lives of women and children trapped in brothels… (9/3/12)

More than 250 million women in Asia cannot read.  Help change that… (9/7/12)

And, a woman named Saachi who had given up on life following her husband’s affair, and the shame that followed, was too much to live with.  But, she found hope.  Read how… (9/13/12)

As the only follower of Jesus Christ, Laveneet has withstood her family’s pressure and abuse for nine years… (9/15/12)

In July, I shared a request for a very sick little girl named Swathy in South Asia, suffering from transverse myelitis.  Praise God, she is recovering!… (9/15/12)

In August, a pastor in South Asia asked for prayer for his 3-month-old son, who was dying from pneumonia… (9/16/12)

Four years ago, Jeevan was arrested and beaten for his faith in Christ… (9/17/12)

Kavita travels four hours to work after caring for her daughter and mother… (8/20/12)

Pastor Prerit’s church and family have been threatened… (9/24/12)

Pastor Ravisharan and his congregation need your prayers… (9/25/12)

Pray is needed for Ashu and his family, as he continues to suffer from severe injuries he received last year in an elephant attack…  (9/25/12)

Two families in South Asia are praising God for His mercy and blessing. Pastor Kanal’s wife, Sanchali, recently had surgery for a tumor…And, a little girl named Gunwanti was operated on for a heart tumor… (9/26/12)

Pastor Lochan and his church ask for your prayers. The pastor was recently attacked and his church threatened… (9/26/12)

Laboni was sick, but no one knew why.  Her husband, Hafiz, didn’t know what to do… (10/4/12)

Pastor Baasim in South Asia has been threatened and a lawsuit filed against him… (10/13/12)

Pastor Ahilan and his fellow pastors in one area of South Asia have been threatened—continue to tell others about God and die… (10/14/12)

Pastor Jon Sona needed surgery. He also needed blood… (10/16/12)

Sri Lanka

I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between their two faces. Both Dinuka and Sanjaya are growing up in Sri Lanka…. (10/16/12)


Refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Please pray for the thousands of people, many of them widows and children… (9/1/12)

What do 100,000 abandoned homes look like?… (9/7/12)

One quarter of a million people have fled their homes in Syria… (9/19/12)

The children of Syria need your prayers desperately…(10/2/12)

The humanitarian crisis in Jordan is exploding, and help is needed urgently… (10/10/12)

Twenty months of civil war has brought much heartache and weariness to the Christians living in Syria… (10/19/12)


Economic hardship is taking its toll on the people of Taiwan…. (9/5/12)


When can a car accident lead to something good? Ask Pastor Boimakhmad in Tajikistan… (9/29/12)

Central Asia is a dangerous region that could grow more unstable as the politics of the region change. In Tajikistan alone, almost half of the people live in poverty. Thousands of children live and work on the streets… (10/20/12)


Teens in Thailand hearing about Christ for the first time. Teens in Thailand are hearing about Christ, many of them for the first time, in a class about abstinence… (9/1/12)

Read the story of a little boy named Lucky who was reunited with his parents after nine years of separation… (10/8/12)


It happened in 2007—three Christians were brutally murdered at the Zirve Christian Publishing House in Malatya, Turkey… (9/22/12)


Please pray for an elderly couple in Turkmenistan who were treated very badly by the police… (10/9/12)


A pastor and his family fled religious persecution in Uzbekistan in 2007 by entering Kazakhstan.  Now, the government of Kazakhstan is returning the pastor, his pregnant wife, and their children… (9/12/12).  Read a second article about the pastor here: (9/18/12)

Read the story of a 74-year-old woman in Uzbekistan named Nina whose home was raided her neighbor beaten… (10/5/12)


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