Looking Out the 10/40 Window is Moving!

Looking Out the 10/40 Window is Moving! For more than two years now I’ve been sharing news and prayer requests here concerning the persecuted Church and the unreached who live in the 10/40 window of the world. I’ve also created a number of free resources that can help parents and teachers teach children about the needs of the 10/40 window. I’ve shared some of those resources here and some on another website, WriteBonnieRose.com. As of December 21, 2014, I am combining the two sites. All future Looking Out the 10/40 Window posts will appear on WriteBonnieRose.com. I thank you for joining me on this journey of prayer and learning, and I invite you to continue to share and learn with me at a new online home.

Follow the new Looking Out the 10/40 Window here.

Please note, as a result of this move, I will no longer be able to keep https://lookingoutthe1040window.wordpress.com ad-free (as this is requires payment of an annual fee). The ads on this site are run solely at the discretion of Word Press, the blog’s host, and I do not have any control over their frequency or content. If you are sharing this site with children, to avoid potentially offensive content, I suggest printing the materials you would like to share with them. 

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R is for Real Life Heroes


If God called you to a slum, would you go?

There are days when I wish I could pull away from all the news-the news feed on my email home page, the news pages that abound, even the trending headlines on Facebook. But today I read a good news story, one that encouraged-and challenged-me.

It’s the story of Nitya. He is a Christian living in India. One day, he had a dream. He saw the place God wanted him to go work. There was just one problem-it was a slum. The people were hurting. They were sick. They were dying.

Nitya went anyway. He went to serve the people. He started a school. He listened to their problems. He showed them love.

And God started changing lives in the slum.

It reminds me of another news story, one that changed the world. It’s God’s story. The story of God sending His Son. We are hurting. We were sick. We were dying. But Jesus came anyway. He didn’t have to come, but He did. He came not just to change our lives but to save them.

That’s why we call it the Good News.

Ben and Me

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Prayer requests for Iraq, Burma, and Pakistan

Pray for Iraq, Burma, and Pakistan3Would you join me in praying for Iraq and Burma today? Christian families are being driven from Mosul, Iraq, as militants take control of the city. Not only is their future quite uncertain, it is raising questions about the future of the entire nation. In Thailand and Burma, the Thai coup is capturing the world’s attention, but a large-scale humanitarian crisis for the Rohingya people continues to take lives every day. Would you also please pray for the Rakhine people of Burma as well as the Dawei? The majority of both groups have not heard of Jesus, and neither group have Scripture materials in their native language.

I’d also like to share with you a news report regarding the ongoing crisis of Christian girls being abducted and forced to marry, even as young as 12 years old. A new report, this time from a Pakistani Muslim non-governmental organization, has been released highlighting this form of persecution.

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Prayer requests from the Middle East, India, and South Asia

Praying for Peninsular Arabs, that their eyes would be opened to the true riches found in Christ alone.

It’s time for Vacation Bible School all over Asia! Please pray for the little ones who will be attending, for their families who may be hearing the Gospel for the first time, for the pastors and VBS leaders, and for the hearts of all to be touched by God’s love.http://www.gfa.org/pray/2014/april-vbs/

Praising God for new life for a child in India!



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All Around India: Eluthassan of Kerala

No one has told the app. 44,000 Eluthassan of Kerala, India, about Jesus–yet. Please pray this changes quickly.

Exploring with Jake

Eluthassan of Kerala

This morning, our Sunday School teacher told us about a group of people in India called the Eluthassan. There are approximately 44,000 Eluthassan living in India, but did you know that there might not be a single Christian among them?

Churches and missions groups haven’t talked to the Eluthassan very much, so there is a lot that we don’t know about who they are and how they live. But that’s the problem. As far as our teacher knows, there isn’t one church or missions group that is telling the Eluthassan about Jesus—yet.

Most of the Eluthassan live in the state of Kerala, which is on the southern tip of India. Kerala has many Christians living in it, but some of the Christians still follow the caste system. If you belong to one caste, there are people in certain other castes that you aren’t allowed to talk to or be friends…

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How to be a Superhero in Twelve Easy Steps

The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is November 3. Please read how you can be a superhero to someone today.

Exploring with Jake


Have you ever wished you were a superhero, that you could help someone in trouble? This morning at church, we had a guest speaker come and talk to us about the persecuted Church. Did you know there is a special day set aside to remember to pray for Christians who live in other places where they aren’t free to believe in God? The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) happens every November.

The guest speaker’s name was Darcie Gill, a remarkable person who works with an organization called The Voice of the Martyrs.  The Voice of the Martyrs is a Christian organization that helps Christians in other countries who are being persecuted and mistreated because of their faith in Jesus.  They help by providing food, medicine, clothing, Bibles, and other things to help Christians live each day and share Jesus with others.  Darcie filled us in…

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All Around India: Dalits

Which would you choose: medicine or food? It’s a choice no one should have to make, but millions of Dalits in India face it every day. Help your children learn more about the Dalits with today’s post from Exploring with Jake.

Exploring with Jake


This morning, our Sunday School teacher took us to a farm in a rural part of India, far away from the big cities. There were men and women working on the farm. They were hot and sweaty, and they were very tired. One of the women was pregnant, and she seemed very sad. Her name was Lakshmi. We imagined we got to follow her home when her day was done.

When we got to her home, there were two little girls there. One was very sick. I wondered why Lakshmi hadn’t called a doctor. That’s when the teacher explained that there was only a tiny bit of money. Lakshmi couldn’t afford to buy food and pay a doctor, so she had chosen food so they wouldn’t starve. She was hoping her little girl would get better.

Suppertime came and the whole family shared a small pot of soup—except it didn’t…

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All Around India: Bihar

Please enjoy a guest post from my blog for kids, Exploring with Jake!

Exploring with Jake


This morning, our Sunday School teacher took us to another state in India. Bihar is a state in the northeastern part of India, right beside Nepal and the Himalayas. It is the poorest state in all of India.

Most of the people living there are farmers. They raise animals like cows and buffalo and grow crops including rice, wheat, sugarcane, and potatoes. But the farmers have a big problem. Bihar has two major rivers running through it—the Ganges and the Kosi. Both rivers tend to flood a lot, which can destroy the crops. When their crops are gone, the farmers have no money to plant new ones.

The floods bring other problems, too. All the dirty water that rushes in destroys the clean water that is stored and ruins everything it touches, like all of the food in your house and the seeds you have to plant next year’s crops…

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All Around India: Andhra Pradesh

Post from my blog for children, Exploring with Jake.

Exploring with Jake

Andhra Pradesh-watermark

Our Sunday School teacher said she’s going to take us to India! Well, we can’t really go there—though I think it’d be a great place for a field trip. We’re going to go there by learning about the people who live there and finding out how we can pray for them.

India is a BIG country in lots of different ways. It is the seventh largest country in the entire world, but it has more people living there than any other country on earth except China! There are more than 2,500 different people groups living in India, and they speak more than 400 different languages.

There are twenty-eight states in India, plus seven places they call “union territories.” We’re going to start exploring India by meeting some of the people who live in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is the fifth-largest state in India, and it is the…

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Prayer request for the Middle East

Reaching children through television in Lebanon and Egypt. Please pray for the ministry of SAT-7 and their new shows designed to encourage and teach children in Lebanon and Egypt about the love of Christ. Read more about this ministry at http://www.mnnonline.org/article/19019.

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