F is for Freedom in Christ

F is for Freedom in Christ

I don’t pretend to understand how things in the spiritual world work. I know there is good and evil, and I know that God has triumphed over all evil. I know that when Jesus fights for us, evil doesn’t stand a chance. Over and over again in the New Testament, Jesus drove the evil spirits from people who were powerless to overcome evil on their own. And He told the people that without Him in their lives, they would be at risk of one day finding themselves in worse shape than they were before.

Can you imagine facing evil alone?

How many people have never heard of Jesus’ love? How many have no idea that He not only can overcome evil but that because of His great love for us, He wants to overcome the evil that attacks our lives?

One of the many ways missionaries across South Asia use to reach out and share Jesus’ story with people who have never heard is through showing a film about Jesus’ life. Through the film, people see Jesus reach out in love, they see how He sacrificed His own life to save theirs, and they see Him overcome and defeat evil by coming back to life again. You can read one man’s story of redemption here and see how Jesus used a film and some faithful servants to bring salvation to an entire family. Please pray for these missionaries, that God would continue to supply their needs, that He would grant them freedom to travel to the villages that need reached, and that He would prepare hearts to hear and receive the Good News that He wants to defeat evil for us.

 Ben and Me

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One thought on “F is for Freedom in Christ

  1. I can’t imagine facing my day to day life without Jesus, and certainly not evil.

    Thanks for continuing to challenge me, friend.

    And thanks for linking up with #abcblogging. I’ve featured your series in this week’s favorites:


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