E is for Encouraging the Workers in the Field

E is for Encouraging the Workers in the Field2

“When I share the Gospel, the people say don’t come to my village again. And if you come again, I will put you in prison or I will beat you. But we will come back again and we will take fasting and prayer and we will go again to the same village because we believe Jesus has called us.”

“I am ready to suffer for Christ because I always keep this in my mind, that Christ has suffered for me, and no matter what people say or do, even if they take my life I am ready to face it.”

“He sent His one begotten Son for us. If He is ready to send His one begotten Son, why we should not go?”

These are the words of missionaries in South Asia who are reaching out to their family, friends, neighbors, and forgotten villages throughout the land. They know the language. They know the customs and culture. They have received the training at the 67 Bible colleges throughout the land. They don’t represent a foreign nation or a foreign religion. They live and work and serve alongside their brothers and sisters.

But they face many obstacles. Like Elijah, they sometimes wonder if they are the only ones who follow Christ. Like Paul and Silas, they know what it is like to be beaten for the words they speak. They don’t always have food or shelter. They need prayer partners and ministry partners to encourage them and let them know they are not alone. Come and meet some of these men and women. Read about the land that they serve in and the needs that exist. Then join them in this mission to reach the forgotten with the love of Jesus Christ.


 Ben and Me

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