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Prayer Request for Syria

Syria-Prayer Request


One of the many people groups caught in the chaos inside Syria right now is the Circassian or Adyghe people. There is only one mission agency currently serving a population of 32,000, most of whom do not know the life and love offered by Jesus Christ alone. Please pray for them to hear and receive this love with faith. Read more about the Circassian at the Global Prayer Digest.

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Prayer request for Bangladesh

Tangail Evangelical Holiness Church, Bangladesh

This is all the further construction of a village church in Bangladesh was able to progress before neighbors forced them to stop. But the village isn’t content to simply stop the church construction. A vigilante committee has been formed to stop all Christian activities and is putting a great deal of pressure on the Christians remaining in the area. The Christians know they could be beaten or attacked at any time. They cannot seek help from local government officials—one of them serves on the vigilante committee. Please pray for their safety and faithfulness and that they may have an effective witness for Christ to their persecutors. You can read the full story at

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Prayer for Pastor Saeed


Pastor Saeed Abedini, a US citizen, is being held in deplorable conditions in an Iranian jail. You can read the beginning of his story here. Since that time he has been moved to another jail, robbed repeatedly, and threatened at knife point. His health is failing, and his family fears for his life. Please lift your voice to ask the US and Iranian governments to work for the release of this American pastor. You can sign the Be Heard Project petition calling for his release here. And please, pray for this man and his family as they are separated. Pray that they may know the peace and comfort of Emmanuel, “God with us.”

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