All Around India: Eluthassan of Kerala

No one has told the app. 44,000 Eluthassan of Kerala, India, about Jesus–yet. Please pray this changes quickly.

Exploring with Jake

Eluthassan of Kerala

This morning, our Sunday School teacher told us about a group of people in India called the Eluthassan. There are approximately 44,000 Eluthassan living in India, but did you know that there might not be a single Christian among them?

Churches and missions groups haven’t talked to the Eluthassan very much, so there is a lot that we don’t know about who they are and how they live. But that’s the problem. As far as our teacher knows, there isn’t one church or missions group that is telling the Eluthassan about Jesus—yet.

Most of the Eluthassan live in the state of Kerala, which is on the southern tip of India. Kerala has many Christians living in it, but some of the Christians still follow the caste system. If you belong to one caste, there are people in certain other castes that you aren’t allowed to talk to or be friends…

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