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Pray for the children of the Philippines

Philippines flag


A new threat is trying to raise its head in the Philippines, and it may be more terrible than Typhoon Haiyan that ravaged the land. Imagine being a child who has lost one—or both—parents. Imagine your family being desperate to survive. Around two million children are now at a much-heightened risk for abduction and slavery. Pray that every evil plan against these children will be defeated. Read more at

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Prayer request from Nepal


Road to Mt. Everest

The Bhotia (Sherpa) people are known helping people climb Mt. Everest. They help guide them up the dangerous mountain and carry much of the mountain climbers’ supplies. But there is one burden they do not know how to carry—sin, the sin every person on earth faces. Pray that many more of them will understand that Jesus alone can carry the burden and destroy it once for all. Read more at Global Prayer Digest. Check out Exploring with Jake for a fun activity for kids.

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Prayer request from Nepal

Nepal broad map Factbook-edited 2

Teams in Nepal are asking for prayer regarding the elections in Nepal and their outcome. There is a strong movement to align the country with the religion of the majority. If this happens, it could cause a dramatic increase in persecution against Christians in Nepal and threaten the work of Christian missions working there to rescue orphans, provide alternatives to women trapped in a life of abuse, and many other outreaches. Read more at

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Prayer request from Nepal

Nepal flag

They are one of the oldest groups of people in Nepal, but still today very few of them have heard of and accepted the love of Christ. Please pray for the Magar (note, distinct from the Magyar), that they will hear the Truth and have the courage to follow. Pray that the hearts of family members and government officials who are opposed to Christianity will be softened. Read more at and

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Prayer request from Eritrea

Eritrea flag


Almost 200 Christians gathered to pray for the refugee crisis in their country, Eritrea. When security forces learned of it, they arrested everyone in attendance, including the children. Many have been released, but the men who were detained were not, along with those who would not sign a declaration promising never to meet again. Please pray for the members of the underground church in Eritrea. Read more at

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Prayer request for the Philippines

Acrostic prayer 2


Acrostic prayer for the Philippines:

Peace for the hurting.

Help for the suffering.

Insight for relief workers.

Light for those who feel hopeless.

Internal and external needs to be met.

Patience in the face of overwhelming need.

Power to stand firm in the face of discouragement.

Inspiration to dream and build again.

Necessities to be available to all.

Energy to face the recovery ahead.

Salvation and hope to come to many.

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All Around India: Eluthassan of Kerala

No one has told the app. 44,000 Eluthassan of Kerala, India, about Jesus–yet. Please pray this changes quickly.

Exploring with Jake

Eluthassan of Kerala

This morning, our Sunday School teacher told us about a group of people in India called the Eluthassan. There are approximately 44,000 Eluthassan living in India, but did you know that there might not be a single Christian among them?

Churches and missions groups haven’t talked to the Eluthassan very much, so there is a lot that we don’t know about who they are and how they live. But that’s the problem. As far as our teacher knows, there isn’t one church or missions group that is telling the Eluthassan about Jesus—yet.

Most of the Eluthassan live in the state of Kerala, which is on the southern tip of India. Kerala has many Christians living in it, but some of the Christians still follow the caste system. If you belong to one caste, there are people in certain other castes that you aren’t allowed to talk to or be friends…

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