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Prayer request for the Middle East

Reaching children through television in Lebanon and Egypt. Please pray for the ministry of SAT-7 and their new shows designed to encourage and teach children in Lebanon and Egypt about the love of Christ. Read more about this ministry at

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Prayer request from Iran



An American citizen and pastor has been in prison in Iran, separated from his wife and two young children, for more than one year. Please pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini and for an upcoming meeting between American pastor Rev. Mahoney and Iranian officials to result in Pastor Saeed’s release. Read more of Saeed’s story at

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Prayer requests for Pakistan and Kenya


As many have seen on the news, the weekend brought death and heartache to dozens of Christians in Pakistan and Kenya as terrorists attached a church and a mall. Please take a moment to pray for the victims and for their families. Please pray also for those behind the attacks that they would find the forgiveness that Jesus alone can offer.

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Praise from Iran


Two women and their families are praising God today for their freedom after being released early from Iran’s most infamous prison. Prisoners of conscience because of their Christian faith, Mitra Rahmati and Maryam Jalili were recently released from Evin prison. Please praise God for their release and pray for these women and their families as well as the many Christians still imprisoned in Iran. Read more at

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Laos-Factbook edited 3

50 Christians in Laos were given a choice—recant their faith or leave their homes and villages. Please pray for these families to remain faithful and for the hearts of those who are trying to evict them to be reached with the love and forgiveness of God. You can read their story at If you would like to read a story written for children about this type of situation, please visit

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Prayer request from Morocco

Morocco-ancient city wall in Rabat

He was fined 10 times what the law requires and imprisoned 5 times longer than the maximum sentence. Mohamed el Baldi was arrested in Morocco after a Bible and other religious items were found in a raid on his house. His crime? Shaking the faith of another. Instead of the usual 3-6 month sentence, he has been sentenced to serve 2 ½ years in prison. Please pray. Read more at

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Prayer request from the Philippines

Philippines map

The church is now a hospital, a busy region is shut down, at least 6 are dead, and at least 20 more have been kidnapped, including a pastor. A rebel group in the Philippines, advocating for an independent and separate nation, launched the attack Sept. 9. Please pray for safety, healing, peace, and the light of Jesus to shine even more brightly in Mindanao. Read more at

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Prayer request from the Central African Republic

People in the Central African Republic (CAR) have faced death, starvation, violence, and the upheaval of their lives, but one of the things they are asking for the most is a Bible. Ministries have responded, and Bibles are on their way, but the delivery will be difficult and dangerous. Please pray for safety and protection and that each Bible reaches the hearts of many. Read more at

For more on the situation, read Christians in the CAR.

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Prayer request from India

They tore it down brick by brick. What took a congregation of Christians in Haryana State, India, two years to build was torn down in front of their eyes by an angry mob of over 1,000 people. When the mob was finished with the church, they attacked the pastor and his family. Please pray for the strength and encouragement of these Christians in India, and pray that the government will pursue justice against those who are responsible for these crimes. Read more at

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