Urgent prayer request for India

About 5 years ago, the Christians in Orissa, India, were attacked, driven from their homes, and even killed. Homes and businesses were burned and destroyed. No one touched by the terrible violence then will ever be the same. Some have attempted to rebuild in the area. They are facing another wave of terror as militants have again attacked their homes, forcing them to flee into the forest with no provisions or supplies. Militants have blocked roads and set ambushes for anyone—including aid agencies—trying to deliver relief.

But the most frightening news of all is that 20 children are missing, unaccounted for in the chaos. Whether they are safe, injured, kidnapped, or worse is unknown.

Please pray for the hearts that are breaking now, and please pray for God to restore every heart and every family. Read more at http://www.christianfreedom.org/news/violence-returns-to-orissa-india/.

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