Prayer request for Pakistan

Modern Witnesses: Pakistan

From my blog for kids, Exploring with Jake.

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Our Sunday School teacher taught us more about Pakistan today. It is extremely dangerous to be a Christian in Pakistan. Some Christians in Pakistan have to work in hot, dangerous brickyards making bricks for the owner all day long, six days a week. Even the children and the grandparents have to work to make bricks. Other Christians have to work at very dangerous jobs where what they do every day could make them sick.

The constitution in Pakistan says that everyone has religious freedom, but there is a clause in the law, usually called the “blasphemy law,” that says that anyone who defiles the name of Muhammad or the Quran can be sent to jail for life—or even killed. But many times, the police don’t need any proof to charge someone with doing that and put them in jail. A neighbor, an employer, or even a friend can lie about a Christian and have them arrested. Sometimes it is months or years before they are released from jail. Sometimes, they never are.

There are also some people in Pakistan who intentionally hurt Christians living there. They might attack their church, beat them up, destroy their home, or worse.

But do you know what is amazing? Jesus can’t be defeated in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world. Just like in the Bible, when the people arrested Him, beat Him, and even killed Him, He loved them and forgave them. And He gives His people the courage and the love to do that when they are hurt or even killed. Just like He was stronger than death and came back to life, His love is stronger than any other force in the whole world. He knows that every person needs to know how much He loves them. Even if they have hurt other people in the past, He still loves them.

“Dear God, please help all the people of Pakistan. Please help the Christians who are living in such a dangerous place. Please keep them safe and help them show others Your love. And please help the people who don’t know You yet to know how much You love them and ask You to forgive them, just like You forgive each of us, no matter what we have done. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

If you’d like a printable version of today’s story, click here.


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