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Prayer request from India

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Modern Witnesses: Ganda Christians

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Today at Sunday School, we heard about what life can be like for the Ganda people of India when they choose to believe in Jesus. There are over one million Ganda who live in India, but most of them do not understand about Jesus’ love. On average, only about 2 people out of every 100 Ganda you meet are Christians.

Most of the Ganda are very poor. They belong to the Dalit caste. In India, people are often put into groups called castes based on all sorts of things. Some groups are treated as very important; they are given good jobs and everyone looks up to them. Some people are treated in ways that are inhuman; they are treated like less than real people. Many animals in India are better taken care of than they are. The Dalit caste is one of the groups that are treated as completely worthless. The only jobs they are allowed to do are the dirty, hard jobs that no one else wants.

That’s why many Ganda are farmers. They don’t own any land, but they are paid a tiny bit of money to work all day in the hot sun on other people’s farms. And if anyone learns that they have decided to follow Jesus, they may lose their job and not be able to get another one. They could starve; they might not be able to provide food to take care of their families.

Sometimes, things are even worse than going hungry. Finding out a Ganda has become a Christian can make other people very angry. The Christian might get attacked or beaten up as a punishment. Sometimes his family might make him leave home. A Ganda who loves Jesus might lose everything and everyone on this earth that matters to him.

If you had to choose between Jesus and everyone else that you care about, what would you choose?

“Dear God, please help the Ganda Christians in India to love You more than anything or anyone else. Please comfort those who miss their families, and please help the ones who have been beaten up because they love You. Help the Ganda who don’t understand how much You love them to hear about You and trust You. Thank You, too, for the Ganda Christians who have not been thrown out of their homes or lost their jobs. Please continue to help them and keep them all safe. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

For more information on the Ganda of India, please visit the Joshua Project.

If you’d like a printable version of today’s story, click here.

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Prayer request from South Asia

He went to offer prayer and encouragement; what he received was a beating at the hands of a small gang. At a person’s request, Pastor Udayachal returned to a village he had recently shared the Gospel in. But he was met with an ambush and beaten severely. Please pray for his complete healing, for grace and strength for his wife and little girl, and for his attackers to come to know the love of Jesus. Read more at

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Prayer request from South Asia

Threatened with death, what would you do? Pastor Mahesh and his congregation are facing that situation today. Their last church meeting was attacked, and their lives were threatened. Please pray for their peace and protection, and that God’s love would soften every heart. Read more at

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Prayer request from South Asia

Pastor Paran and his congregation need our prayers. Their church building in South Asia has been burned to the ground by villagers who have also threatened Pastor Paran and his people. Please pray for all those touched by this violence to trust in Jesus alone. Read more at

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Praise and prayer request from Albania

A Christian missionary in Albania is asking for your prayers. Edmond Shkrivani believed in Jesus Christ in 1993, in a land that had suffered under an atheistic government for many years. Since freedom returned to Albania, many have turned to various religions seeking to fill the hole they sense in their hearts, but there are many who do not yet understand that Jesus alone can meet all the needs in their lives. Pray for Edmond and Christians throughout Albania to continue to share the Truth. Read more at

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Prayer request from Lebanon

What would you do if your hometown suddenly exploded with tens of thousands of people, people who had lost their homes, their possessions, and even family members? Some in Lebanon are answering that question by reaching out to the refugees flooding into the country from Syria. The work is exhausting, but they know it must be done. Hearts are turning to Jesus, finding hope for today as well as forever. Please pray for the brave teams reaching out to serve these refugees, and please pray for God’s peace to reign in both countries. You can read more at

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Prayer request from the Central African Republic

Some good news has begun to trickle out of the Central African Republic (CAR) after a coup ousted the president of the nation on March 24. Originally, presidential elections were supposed to be held in 3 years; that time has now been reduced to 18 months.

The situation in the CAR is still extremely dangerous. Chaos, violence, and crime are everywhere. Anything of value—including fuel—must be hidden. A radio station that was damaged in the initial chaos is still trying to get back on the air. It is the only consistent means of communication for the people, and it shares not only news of the day but the Good News of eternity, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Please pray for the resources needed and the teams working to bring the station back on the air. You can read more at

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