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Prayer request from China

Many of the Subei people live in Shanghai, but the city of Shanghai has not accepted them. They are discriminated against and treated very badly. Please pray that Christians in Shanghai will reach out to the Subei with the love of Jesus, that knows no discrimination. Read more at

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Prayer request from China

Giving birth is a scary time for all women. But, imagine giving birth in a region where your biggest fear was satisfying spirits with rituals you could never be certain were enough. Please take a moment to pray for the Bouyei people of China, that they would each come to know the Giver of Life. Read more at

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Prayer request from China

When you think of bull fights, you usually think of Spain and Latin America, right? Today, I’d like to challenge you to think of the Southern Dong people of China. The Southern Dong are a large group of people who live in China. They, too, enjoy a bull fight between bulls who represent different villages. But very few of the Southern Dong people understand the Truth of God’s Word. Please pray that each of them will come to know God’s love and salvation. You can read more at

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Prayer request from Malaysia

Would you choose to follow Jesus if it meant you may never see your children again? For Samrita, this is not a hypothetical question. When her husband discovered her faith in Jesus, he divorced her and forced her to leave without her 10-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. He allows occasional visits, but that is all. In addition, Samrita faces the possibility of being imprisoned for her faith. Please pray for Samrita and her family. You can read more of her story at

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Ladakhi people of China

From my blog for kids, Exploring with Jake.

The Ladakhi people of China

The snow is everywhere! I love snow! I told my mom once that I wanted to live in the Himalayan mountains. She didn’t go for the idea. But, I think I might ask her again. I found out there is a place there where it hardly ever snows! At Sunday School, our teacher told us about a place high in the Himalayan mountains where there is actually a dessert. There’s a place, between India and China, where it doesn’t rain much at all, and they only get three inches of snow a year or less! There’s a group of people who live there called the Ladakhi. And when they need water to water their crops, they actually hope for the sun to shine and melt some of the glaciers all around them. I can’t imagine being surrounded by ice and snow but living in a dessert. I always thought desserts were hot and dry. But this dessert is cold and dry!

A long time ago, a major trading route called the Silk Road went through the area the Ladakhi live in. Missionaries came, and the people had lots of opportunities to learn about Jesus. But, today, there aren’t many Ladakhi who believe in Jesus. Our teacher reminded us of the place in John where Jesus said He is the Living Water. I think that’s something people living in a dessert would want to know more about.

“Dear God, please help the Ladakhi people believe in You. Show them how, just like they need the water to feed their crops so they can live, they need You and Your life in their hearts so they can really live, now and forever. Please help them understand. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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Prayer request from Nigeria

Please pray for the families of six Christians who were killed in a Christmas Eve attack on their church in northern Nigeria. Please pray also for their attackers to find the love, forgiveness, and redemption that Jesus alone can offer. You can read more at:

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Who are the Rohingya?

From my blog for kids, Exploring with Jake.

Who Are the Rohingya?

Our Sunday School teacher told us this morning about a group of people who live in Bangladesh. They are called the Rohingya. The Rohingya are a group of people who live between two countries. Originally from Bangladesh, many moved to Myanmar (Burma) long ago. But, the Buddhist government of Myanmar doesn’t want the Rohingya people, most of whom are Muslims, to live with them. Many of the people of Bangladesh are poor. They cannot afford to feed their families and do not have food to share with the Rohingya. So, the people of Bangladesh don’t want the Rohingya to come and live with them. The Rohingya get bounced back and forth between the two countries, with nowhere to truly call home.

“Dear God, please help the Rohingya people to find a safe home in You. Help them understand that Jesus knows where they are, even though they feel lost and forgotten. Please help them understand that You love them and want them to love You, and that You will not turn them away like Bangladesh and Burma have. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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From my blog for children, Exploring with Jake.

I just found out that there are people living in a country called Bhutan that didn’t have television until 1999! I can’t imagine that! Our teacher said the king wanted to protect his people. He thought TV was dangerous and would make his people want to do things that were wrong. I know some shows might do that—but no TV at all!

The king wants his people to be happy. He keeps a close eye on everything that happens. He doesn’t let many people come in and visit from other countries. But what the king doesn’t realize is what keeps his people from being truly happy is they don’t know that Jesus loves them or that He died and came back to life. They are Buddhists, and they think the way to get to paradise is to say special prayers over and over and over again. They never know if they’ve said enough or done enough. And many of them have never even heard of Jesus.

“Dear God, please help the people of Bhutan. Please help the king see that You are the only One who can really protect him and his people. Please help every person in Bhutan to hear about Jesus and what He did for us. And, please help them to believe in You as Savior so that they can go to Heaven and truly be happy forever. Thank you. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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Prayer requests from China

Please pray for the people of China. A doomsday cult called Eastern Lightning is misleading some of the people with false teachings. Please pray for the Truth to shine brightly throughout China. Please also pray that as the government works to suppress this cult and its anti-government stance, that Christians are not caught in the crossfire. You can read more at

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Prayer request from Egypt

Please continue to pray for Egypt as they enter another round of voting regarding the national referendum regarding their constitution. The outcome will impact the lives of every citizen of Egypt. It also has the potential to have international ramifications as well. You can read more at

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