Remembering India in Prayer, Pt. 3

November is a month to remember…If you’re new to the Remembering the 10/40 Window in Prayer series of posts, please read the introductory post here.

Prayer requests from India

The Sirvi people of India work hard, but they never know if it is enough… (10/1/12)

Many of their neighbors don’t care much for the Silawat people of India… (10/2/12)

The Singiwala people of Rajasthan, India, work only the most disgusting jobs… (10/3/12)

Leadership seems to come naturally to many of the Godara Jat people of India… (10/4/12)

A recent court ruling is good news for Christian in India… (10/5/12)

Many Dalits in India face a terrible choice—get food for their family or medical care… (10/5/12)

Their ancestors are thought to have traveled to India from Iran… (10/6/12)

They are free to roam, moving from job to job as they desire… (10/7/12)

Almost one million Daroga people live in Rajasthan, India. Not one of them is known to understand the love of Jesus… (10/8/12)

Flooding victims in Assam, India, need your prayers… (10/9/12)

Imagine those around you thinking your only purpose in life is to serve their needs and be taken advantage of… (10/10/12)

The Rayeen people of India are many in number. But, there are none of their number who are known to understand the reason Jesus alone is the way to God… (10/14/12)

In July, 2012, I posted reports from India about a missionary named Ponnachan George who was kidnapped, then miraculously freed. See an interview with him here… (10/15/12)

Some of the Shaikh people of India are highly respected for their wisdom as religious leaders. But, they are missing the only real and abiding Truth… (10/18/12)

The Mahur people of India recognize the bad and harmful traits in their lives. What they don’t know is how to live a life of victory over them… (10/19/12)

A church leader and his twelve-year-old daughter were attacked and beaten in India… (10/20/12)

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