Remembering India in Prayer, Pt. 1

November is a month to remember…If you’re new to the Remembering the 10/40 Window in Prayer series of posts, please read the introductory post here.

Prayer requests from India

Ethnic violence in Assam. Their homes and villages were shut down for two days… (9/2/12)

Flooding in the slums of India. Where could you live that would be worse than a slum in Mumbai, India?… (9/2/12)

Read the story of a missionary in India, a Brahmin who was challenged to examine his life—by a farmer… (9/4/12)

Read prayer requests for a ministry team in India seeking to free slaves of human trafficking… (9/4/12)

Meet the Shekhawati people of Rajasthan, a people with noble heritage… (9/4/12)

Birthday Request for Aman, who LOVES playing ball games and turned 8 years old on September 5… (9/4/12)

Four years is a long time to wait for justice—especially when you’re an orphan. For Christians in Orissa, India, the wait has been long… (9/5/12)

Businessmen in need of Christ… (9/7/12)

The Marwari speaking people of Rajasthan, India, value trust in their business and personal relationships… (9/7/12)

Ministry in the face of fear in Orissa state… (9/7/12)

Outcasts in a forgotten corner of India need your prayers… (9/8/12)

The Kota area of Rajasthan is the home of the Harauti speaking people, an unreached group of people living in India who need to come to know the salvation Jesus Christ provides…. (9/8/12)

A prayer request for the Bairagi Ascetics in India, who give up their identity to follow Brahmin teachings… (9/10/12)

The lives of the Mehar people of India are governed by rituals and customs… (9/10/12)

Discover the Badhi people of India and how you can pray for them… (9/11/12)

Rathia people struggling in Rajasthan, India, need your prayers… (9/11/12)

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