Prayer requests from South Asia, Pakistan, and India

Four years ago, Jeevan was arrested and beaten for his faith in Christ.  His jaw has still not healed correctly, and the persistent pain led him to have surgery a few weeks ago.  Please pray for a complete healing and recovery, and for many to hear the truth about Jesus Christ and respond to his love.  You can read more here:

Kazim knows what it means to suffer for someone you love.  He loves God so much that he will not stop telling others of God’s love for them.  And, he loves others so much that he will not be silent, even when they falsely imprison him and steal his possessions.  Read his story from Pakistan here:

Low caste, poor, pre-literate.  The Meghwal people of India need your prayers.  They need to hear that Jesus loves them, right where they are, even if it seems everyone else has forgotten them.  Pray for His love to be made known to them in the ways they will best be able to receive it.  Read more here:

The Bhil people of India worship many gods from many faiths, and also revere animals and spirits.  But, very few have filled their spiritual hunger with the life that comes from Jesus alone.  Some have heard that there is one God, who is worth abandoning all other gods to follow.  But, few have responded.  Pray for God to help them hear and understand, and then to respond.  You can read more here:

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