Prayer requests from China, Bhutan, India, and South Asia

They served the people for seven years.  Now, the government is ordering a missionary couple to leave the country in ten days.  Please pray for a couple in China who are being forced by the authorities to leave.  You can read more here:

Bhutan is a very difficult place to live for the few thousand believers who make it their home.  Freedom of religion is tightly restricted.  Most Christians practice their faith in secret.  They face discrimination from their families and neighbors as well as hostile government policies.  Christian materials are prohibited.  Please pray for 30-40 Christian pastors and leaders who are studying secretly in a Bible school.  Pray for their encouragement and safety, and please pray that they will have a lasting impact on their fellow citizens.  Read more here:

100% of the Raigar people of Rajasthan, India, are believed to be Hindu.  God’s Word is readily available to them, but they have not responded to God’s love and grace.  Please pray for this to change.  You can read more here:

As the only follower of Jesus Christ, Laveneet has withstood her family’s pressure and abuse for nine years.  Now, the abuse has increased due to her mother-in-law’s illness, which the family blames on Laveneet.  Please pray for God’s grace, love, and power to shine brightly in this dark situation.  Read more here:

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