Prayer requests from India, the Middle East, North Korea, and Sri Lanka

Moving from job to job, unable to read, living in a very low caste in India.  Meet the Zamrai people, none of whom are known to understand the love of Jesus Christ.  Please pray that workers will come along side of them, work with them, live among them, and share Jesus with them.  You can read more here:

So many reports of violence.  Please keep all the people of the Middle East in your prayers.  The turmoil that is once again shaking the region is placing many lives at risk.  You can read more on the situation here:

Tens of thousands of people—men, women, and children—who have had the courage to share Christ with others are suffering right now in prison camps throughout North Korea.  Though the government denies the existence of these camps, a biography written about the only prisoner to ever escape from such a camp reveals horrific details.  Please pray for the prisoners and their families.  And, please pray for all the people of North Korea, that each of them would find true freedom in the God who loves them.  You can read more here:

Imagine you and your wife are returning home after visiting one of the members of your church.  You are met by an angry mob, who attack you, drag you and your wife back to the home you just visited, and beat you again.  Please pray for the pastor and  his wife in Deniyaya, Sri Lanka, who have just endured such a situation.  You can read more here:


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