Prayer requests from Cambodia, India, and Jordan

You have two choices—you can make the long trek to get water and risk encountering unexploded mines or someone who plans on trafficking you.  Or, you can use the dirty water that is close by, and get sick—or die.  Cambodians living along the border of Thailand face that choice every day.  Please pray for Christian outreaches working to change that.  And, please pray for those living in this region to come to know the living God who can quench the deepest thirsts of their heart.  You can read more here:

Outcasts in a forgotten corner of India need your prayers.  Their region has been plagued with conflicts of many kinds.  But, a ministry team is reaching out to them with audio Scriptures in their native languages.  Please pray for these people and this outreach, that hearts would be open and able to understand God’s love for all of them.  You can read more here:

The Kota area of Rajasthan is the home of the Harauti speaking people, an unreached group of people living in India who need to come to know the salvation Jesus Christ provides.  They live without hope; they need the hope Jesus offers.  Please pray for the Harauti speaking people, and please ask God to send His message to them.  You can read more here:

Please pray for the family of Cheryll Harvey, a Christian woman working in Jordan, who has died.  The details are still being investigated.  Please pray for her ministry and those she served, as well as her family during this time.  You can read more here:

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