Pray requests from India

Meet a Brahmin in India who was challenged by a farmer to answer one question, a question that changed his life and helped lead him to understand the truth of Jesus Christ.  Read how he has struggled to overcome both family and community opposition, went to a Discipleship Training School, and has gone on to be reconciled with his wife and lead many to a faith in Jesus.  Please take a moment to read his story and pray for the requests he shares.  You’ll find it at:

The need is great.  A ministry team in India is asking for our prayers.  They are seeking to rescue children and adults from the slavery brought on by human trafficking.  But, helping the victims find a new life also means cutting into the profits of those who owned them.  And, that creates a dangerous situation for the ministry team.  All need our prayers.  You can read more here:

The Shekhawati people of Rajasthan, India, are a people with noble heritage.  They are descended from some of the mightiest rulers of India’s history.  But, very few of them know the true King and Ruler of creation.  Please pray that all of the Shekhawati people will recognize God as Lord of their lives.  You can read more here:

Birthday Request:

Aman will turn 8 years old in India tomorrow.  He LOVES playing ball games—as a matter of fact, that seemed to be the only thing that helped him through his bout of shyness in front of the camera!  His smile is contagious.  Please visit to discover how you can help Aman, or another child, have a healthier and happier future.

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