Prayer requests from Laos, India, and South Asia

Phum is seventeen.  She became a Christian against her family’s wishes.  They have beaten her, trapped her in her home, burned her Bible and hymnbook, and given her extra work.  Yet, she continued to try to slip away to church.  Recently, however, she has not been seen at church and has not had any contact with other Christians.  Please pray for this young woman in Laos, to remain true to the God who has saved her, and pray for her family to accept His salvation for themselves, as well.  You can read more here:

Their homes and villages were shut down for two days.  Ethnic violence in Assam state, India, has meant curfew-like conditions, sometimes lasting more than a full day.  Imagine not being able to leave your home for any reason—food, work, medical care.  Please pray for God’s peace to reign in every heart throughout Assam.  You can read more here:

Where could you live that would be worse than a slum in Mumbai, India?  A flooded slum in Mumbai.  Monsoon rains have flooded the homes of some of India’s poorest and most needy.  Please pray for these people and those seeking to serve them in this time.  You can read more here:

Farid is a pastor in South Asia who needs your prayers.  While returning home from serving in another village, his motorbike was struck, and he was badly injured.  Please pray for his complete recovery, and remember his wife and daughter in your prayers as well.  You can read more here:

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