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Prayer requests from India and Afghanistan

Christians in Bhanpuri, India desperately need your prayers. Villagers stormed their church service, beat several of them, and ordered a visiting pastor out of the village or face death. The next night, a mob stormed the homes of five Christian families, broke doors, damaged the homes, and tried to force them to give up their belief in Jesus alone as the way to new life. They forced several of them from the village, in the monsoon rain. Family members who were left in the village were rescued several days later. They continue to face much mistreatment. Please pray for them, and read their story here:

Being a Christian in Afghanistan means being part of a very small minority. It also means it can be very difficult-and dangerous-to meet regularly with other Christians. One ministry works to encourage them by sending Bible verses via text messages to them. You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from Tajikistan, India, and Pakistan

When can a car accident lead to something good? Ask Pastor Boimakhmad in Tajikistan. He and two of his daughters were struck when a car plowed into their parked vehicle, just as they were getting out.  The pastor, his two daughters, and the children still in the vehicle, were all injured. And, they would appreciate your prayers as some of them face a long recovery. In response to this accident, many of the pastor’s neighbors responded with anger, and expected the pastor to do the same. But, the pastor surprised them. He prayed for the driver who hit them. Most of the pastor’s neighbors do not understand how this is possible. Pray that they will come to know the love of the God who does the impossible every day. Read more here:

Has your church ever let you down? Please take a moment to read Pastor Khanna’s story of lies, prison, and disillusionment—and a renewed hope in Jesus Christ. And, pray for those in India who are arrested and harassed because they dare share the truth with people who need to hear. Read his story here:

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mardan City, Pakistan, is no stranger to the violence and hostility mobs can unleash. But, on September 21st, the church and many surrounding homes and buildings were burned. Many are thanking God that no one was injured, but they need our prayers. Many have lost all their belongings. The church has lost a great deal of materials such as Bibles and DVDs, and the congregation has once again endured the hatred of others. Pray for their comfort, encouragement, and the courage and supplies needed to rebuild. Read more here:

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Prayer requests from India and Nigeria

Many of the Jains of India are very wealthy and very willing to share that wealth to support hospitals and schools. They value all life. But, they do not realize that their own lives are in great danger. They do not know the only true God who alone can save them. Please pray for all the Jains to understand this truth and accept the love of the God who waits to rescue them. You can read more here:

Another suicide bombing has taken the lives of Christians in Nigeria.  A suicide bomber detonated his bomb outside a Catholic church, killing at least four. One request continues to pour from the Nigerian Christians, who are facing a systematic attempt to completely destroy them: pray for them and share their story. Please help me. Share their story. And, please, above all, pray for them. You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India

The Meena people understand that wrong actions are punished. Payment must be made—in this life and the next. But, what most of the Meena people do not understand is that Jesus has already paid for the wrongs each person has done. Anyone who wants to learn about His gift is free to. And, all are welcome to receive it. Please pray that the Meena people would come to understand that they can have peace with God and with each other. Read more here:

Eight years ago, a tsunami completely destroyed the lives and homes of thousands of people, including many in the Andhra Pradesh region of India. Many lost their ability to earn a living and take advantage of medical care. One ministry’s medical vans bring clinics and supplies to villages and children who would die without it. But, the ministry asks for your prayers. They need God’s help and provision to continue serving the families of Andhra Pradesh. Read more here:

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Prayer and Praise from South Asia

Two families in South Asia are praising God for His mercy and blessing.  Pastor Kanal’s wife, Sanchali, recently had surgery for a tumor.  The surgery went well, and the tumor was benign. And, a little girl named Gunwanti was operated on for a heart tumor, and is recovering well. Please rejoice with them.  You can read more at: and

Pastor Lochan and his church ask for your prayers.  On September 16th, some people came to their service and recorded some of the preaching.  Then, they told the pastor and his church not to leave, called the leader of their group, and waited.  When the leader came, he beat the pastor and took everyone at church to the police.  The police questioned and threatened them, but released them without harm.  The group followed them home, planning on attacking them again.  But, their plans did not succeed.  Praise God for protecting Pastor Lochan and the others from further harm.  And, please pray for God’s love and truth to touch every heart affected.  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from South Asia

For years, Pastor Ravisharan has been leading his congregation without a church building to lead them in.  Finally, they were able to begin construction.  Then, a group of angry visitors came to their region.  They destroyed five churches and forced Pastor Ravisharan’s congregation to undo some of the construction they had just completed.  And, they will not allow the pastor to return to his people.  Please pray for the safety and encouragement of Pastor Ravisharan and his congregation.  And, please pray that God will change the hearts of those blocking construction.  You can read more here:

Last year, Ashu was attacked by a wild elephant and badly injured.  He still has not recovered well, and is facing many challenges.  Please pray for Ashu and his family, for healing and hope.  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from India and South Asia

The Garasis people of India need your prayers.  Most are illiterate, and only a few are known to believe in Jesus.  Life for them is very hard.  Please pray for them, then read this story about them:

Pastor Prerit’s church and family have been threatened.  Stop worshipping God at church or face consequences.  But, Pastor Prerit did not back down.  The police came, church was held, and no one disturbed them.  Please thank God for the pastor’s safety, as well as the safety of his church and family.  Please pray for God’s continued protection throughout this situation, and please pray for God’s love to touch every heart involved.  You can read more here:

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Praise from China and Afghanistan!

Some people in China are very happy—they have received Bibles of their very own.  Some of them had never had a Bible of their own before.  Some had given their only Bible away to someone else who needed it.  But, they were so happy to learn that people in the United States had prayed for them and given money to buy Bibles just for them!  Read some of their thank-you notes here:

Christians in Afghanistan are praising God for keeping them safe and bringing them through a very scary time.  In 2010, two men were arrested and put in jail because of their faith in Jesus, and one of the country’s leaders said that all Christians should be killed.  But, today, the government is not persecuting Christians as much as it had before.  Christians usually face hard times from their own families and communities instead.  Thank God for helping His people in Afghanistan through a hard time.  And, please continue to pray for all of Afghanistan to hear about accept God’s love and grace.  Read more here:

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Prayer requests from Turkey and Laos

It happened in 2007—three Christians were brutally murdered at the Zirve Christian Publishing House in Malatya, Turkey. Questions are still being asked about who was ultimately behind the murders, though the attackers were arrested at the scene.  Please pray for peace, justice, and healing for all those involved in this case.  You can read  more here:

Thong Hak was a 24-year-old member of the Khmu tribe in Laos.  He was a pastor, a brother, and a son.  He was killed while on a hunting trip in July.  Please pray for his family and his church, for their peace, comfort, and strength.  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from Pakistan and Indonesia

Asia Bibi has been in prison for more than two years, convicted of blasphemy because she dared to speak that Jesus is alive.  Please take a moment to watch this short video that contains an interview with her husband and little girls.  Hear how they ask that we pray for them.  You’ll find it at:

A recording studio in Indonesia is reaching out to people who cannot read–with Scriptures they can listen to instead.  Please pray for this incredible ministry, that God’s Word will go out to every corner of Indonesia and touch every heart with His love.  You can read more here:

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