Prayer requests from India and Nepal

The Jatapu people of India are materially wealthier than many of their neighbors, but most of them are still trying to live a life of meaning without knowing the God who is the Source of all meaning and blessing.  Please pray for them and read more here:

War or peace?  The Munnuru Kapa people of India used to know little but war, as their people were frequently struggling against invaders.  But, a time of peace has come to the Munnuru Kapa, and with it, opportunities to hear about the God who can bring permanent peace to their hearts and lives.  Please pray.  You can read more here:

A backlog of twenty million cases is delaying justice for two Children’s Bible Club trainers in India who were brought up on false charges three years ago.  Please pray for their patience and perseverance as they wait for another court date to arrive, one that will hopefully put an end to this case.  You can read more here:

Millions of people.  Almost as many deities worshipped.  Nepal is a country hungry for the truth that God alone can bring.  Please pray for an upcoming shipment of Bibles for Nepal that is being prepared, and please pray for the hearts of the people of Nepal.  You can read more here:

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