Prayer requests from India, Iran, and Pakistan

More than 50,000 children are missing in India, many of them victims of human trafficking.  Please pray for every single one of these precious children, that they would find hope and healing in Jesus Christ.  And, please pray for the ministries seeking to serve children rescued from this life and intervene in the lives of vulnerable children before they are taken.  You can read more here:

September 8—the date Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is required to appear before a court in Iran to answer charges.  He has already spent over 1,000 days in prison and been sentenced to death for becoming a Christian.  Please continue to pray for Pastor Nadarkhani and his family.  You can read more here:

Please pray for the Mala Malasars, a people group in India who has very few who understand Jesus’ love and God’s desire for their lives.  They understand the dangers of the physical world, but they live without understanding the real dangers of living, and dying, without God.  You can read more here:

A little girl and her family in Pakistan need our prayers.  Rishma is between 11 and 14 years old and is reported to have Down Syndrome.  She has been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan, a charge punishable by death. The situation is growing increasingly dangerous for her, her family, and other Christians in the area.  Please pray for God’s peace to reign, and please pray for this little girl, her family, and her community.  You can read about it on many sites including: and and

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