Prayer requests from India, Albania, and the world

The Bazigar people of India were historically jugglers, acrobats, and entertainers.  Today, television has replaced most of their chances to perform for others, and many are left facing financial challenges.  Few, if any, know the living God who alone can satisfy the needs of their hearts.  Please pray for this to change.  You can read more here:

Khaled was the only Christian in his family.  His family called him an infidel.  Read how he responded, and learn more about the challenges many new Christians face around the world.  Check out

Many families have felt the sting of being left behind by their employers in a changing work environment.  For the Mundapotta people of India, the changes have threatened their entire people group with abject poverty.  Please take a moment and read about how you can pray for these precious, forgotten people.  Read their story here:

Birthday request:

He loves soccer and electronics.  You might say that about your nephew or grandson.  You can also say it about Roeld, in Albania.  Today is his 13th birthday, and he is growing up in a community seriously impacted by AIDS.  He needs your prayers and support to grow up safely and confidently.  Thirteen is a challenging age for kids everywhere.  Please take a moment and pray for Roeld and his family.  If you would like to read more, check out

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