Prayer requests from India, Southeast Asia, and Iran

Sculpting.  Fashioning.  Creating.  Whether with words, our voice, or our hands, the desire to create lives in some way in each of us because we were created, made by a God who loves us and blessed us with the desire to worship him.  But for some, their God is not the loving God who created them, but the product of their own hands.  Crafted items they themselves have made.  This is the belief of many Vishwakarma Brahmins in India.  Please pray that their desire to create and worship will lead them to the God who loves them and is far beyond anything our human hands could create.  You can read more here:

A little boy needs your prayers.  Three-year-old Tweh Ma Shaung, in Southeast Asia, has broken his leg—again.  A bone disease has caused him to break a leg twice and an arm once.  Doctors cannot cast his leg and must be creative in their treatment.  You can read more about Tweh Ma Shaung here:


Daughters are to be treasured as gifts a father holds to his heart, the way God, who is the perfect Father, wants to hold each of us.  But, for too many daughters of the Boya people in India, society and religion dictate that some fathers must turn their daughters over to a horrible life in the temple.  Please pray for the salvation of every Boya son and daughter, from the chains of sin in this life and from separation from their Heavenly Father in eternity.  You can read more here:

Please pray for the people of Iran who are suffering from a series of earthquakes in the northwestern part of the country that have completely destroyed six villages, killed many, and injured still more.  You can read more here:

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