Prayer requests from the Philippines, Nigeria, Asia, India, and Indonesia

Terrible rains are flooding Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  Half of the city is under water.  Landslides have caused several deaths.  The flooding is the worst it has been in three years, when many died.  Please pray.  You can read more here:

Yesterday, I shared about a recent attack in Nigeria that left nineteen people dead in Kogi State.  If you would like to read a follow-up article on this attack, please check out

Many women in Asia are trapped in the bonds of trafficking.  One group in Asia is offering some of the women an option—work in a café’s kitchen as part of a baking ministry.  Please pray for the volunteers needed to work with the women, and please pray for true and complete freedom for the women seeking help.  You can read more about this innovative ministry here:

Celebrating!  The Telugu-speaking Brahmins of India love to celebrate with song and festivities.  Yet, most of them are trapped in a belief-system that cannot offer the true life in Jesus Christ that is worth celebrating.  Please pray for God’s love to open many hearts to the life He alone offers.  You can read more here:

Read about an amazing girl in Indonesia named Delviana who serves an amazing God!  Hurt by shrapnel in a bombing at her church, she has received from God the grace not to hate her attackers.  She loves them, instead, with the kind of love that comes only from a loving God.  Please continue to pray for Christians in Indonesia, and read Delviana’s story here:


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