Prayer requests from Nepal, India, and China

Forgotten languages.  Forgotten people.  No one should ever be forgotten.  But, that is what is happening to the Bantawa Rai people of Nepal.  Their language is dying.  And there is still no Bible translated for them.  Please pray that they would not lose an important part of who they are.  Please pray for the Bible to be translated into their mother tongue and that God would help the Bantawa Rai understand how important and special they are to Him.  You can read more about them here:

Thirty men break into your home while you are leading a prayer meeting.  They destroy your property and attack you and several others.  When police arrive, you are arrested.  That is what happened to Pastor Mounesh in India.  Please read his story at, and please pray for him and the other Christians attacked.

They should have been able to enjoy their time at Bible school.  But, children in China were arrested while attending a Bible school in Xinjiang, along with their teachers.  The children were held for questioning, then released.  But, at least four school teachers remain in prison.  Please pray for these brave teachers and children, and read their story at

Hope for Mumbai.  Ancient city.  Ancient heartaches.  Read how the love of God is bringing hope to children and families trapped in the Red Light Districts of Mumbai.  Read more here:

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