Prayer requests from Nepal, Burma (Myanmar), Middle East, and Algeria

Yesterday, I shared a little about the Sherpa people, the famous mountain guides of Nepal.  But, there is another people group, the East Tamang, who also work as guides on the treacherous mountains of the Himalayas.  Please pray that God will speak to their hearts and guide them to Himself.  You can read more about them at:

Please pray for a desperate situation in western Burma.  Violence between Buddhists and Muslims has impacted tens of thousands, including Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians.  Transportation, clean water, medicine, food—everything is in short supply.  Even wells have been poisoned.  You can read more here:

Tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan, the holiest month for followers of Islam.  But, it can also be a very dangerous time for Christians.  You can read more about the dangers and find out ways to pray for Christians and Muslims, through this site:

Imagine—you find the reason to live, the purpose in life, and a hope and peace that goes beyond everything you have ever experienced.  You have met Jesus Christ.  You tell everyone the good news.  Then your father chases you out of the family home.  Your in-laws threaten to take your wife away.  Your boss fires you.  That is what happened to a man in Algeria.  He wasn’t sure what to do.  He got discouraged.  Then, he read the story of another man who suffered greatly for his faith in Christ.  Read more here:

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