Prayer requests for India, Nepal, and Iran

Bangles and beads.  Finely woven silk.  These are a few of the beautiful things the Ansari people of India are known for.  But, most of them are missing the most valuable treasure of all—Jesus Christ.  Please pray for the Ansari to find, as Jesus once described the kingdom of Heaven, the “pearl of great price.”  You can read more about the Ansari here:  If you’d like to try your hand at a word search and activity page about the Ansari people who live in neighboring Bangladesh and Nepal, check out these posts: and

First floods, now mosquitoes.  Please pray for the people of Assam, India, as they struggle to recover from severe flooding and fight off malaria.  Read more about the situation and how you can help here:

Slavery is all too real in many parts of the world, including the red light districts of Nepal.  Read about these women and their children and how you can pray for them here:

Imagine having an entire nation look to you to tell them how to dress, what they can study, and what they can do on the Internet.  That is part of the job of a man named Ayattolah Khamenei in Iran.  And, tomorrow, July 17, is his birthday.  Please take a moment to check out and see how you can pray for him today.

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