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Praise from India!

Sunday, I got the privilege to share the wonderful news that Pastor Ponnachan George, who had been kidnapped by terrorists in India, had been released, unharmed!  If you would like to read a more detailed story regarding this, please read the update here:

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Prayer requests from Senegal, Syria, Iraq, and the world

Loneliness.  The Fulakunda people of Senegal hate the feeling.  But, their culture discourages them from discussing their feelings about relationships publicly.  Most of them do not know about the God who loves them so much that He came to live with people. And, who wants to live with them today.  Please pray that the Fulakunda people will meet Jesus, who came to live among us.  You can read more here:

Please continue to pray for the very dangerous situation in Syria.  Reports of killings continue to come in.  You can read more, including a list of specific prayer requests here:

Every hour, the news gets worse—that’s what one person in Iraq reported.  Bombings have killed over 100 people in one week.  Please pray.  And, please read more about the situation here:

Please pray for a country whose new leader is against all Christian churches.  Pray for the Christians there, and please pray for the ones who have heard about Jesus but are afraid to commit to Him because of the current situation.  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from Niger and North Korea

Children are a gift and a blessing—and, they often see things and know things that adults don’t.  If you were to visit the Dyerma Zermi people of Niger, you would see a lot of children.  Big families are valued.  But, most of the Dyerma Zermi people still don’t understand that Jesus loves them.  Please pray for the Dyerma Zermi, that God would open their eyes to the truth, and help them have a simple, childlike faith in Him, that sees the evidence of His love.  Read more here:

Many things have been changing for the people of North Korea since Kim Jong Un became their leader, especially in the social aspects of everyday life.  But, there is much more that needs to change.  Many of the North Koreans are utterly poor, and most have not heard the truth about Jesus.  Those who do believe in Christ are persecuted terribly.  Please pray and take a moment to read more here:

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Praise from Iran and India!

On July 27, 2012, I shared an article about the release of Noorollah Qabitizade from an Iranian prison.  A second believer, EhsanBehrouz, has also been released!  Ehsan, however, has not been allowed to return to his university studies to finish his degree.  Please praise God with them for their release, and please continue to pray for them and all of the Christians in Iran.  You can read more here: You’ll find my original post here:

Yesterday, I shared an urgent prayer request for Pastor Ponnachan George in India, who had been kidnapped by terrorists.  He has been released—unharmed!  Praise God for His miraculous intervention in this situation.  You can read the full update here:

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Prayer requests from Indonesia, Mauritania, and India

Birthday Requests:

Please pray for Loka, in Indonesia, who will turn 7 years old tomorrow.  She has been waiting over 9 months for a sponsor, a friend who will write to her and tell her how very special she is—to them and to God.  She loves to play with dolls and jump rope.  You can read more here:

Spotlight on Mauritania:

What is it like to be a Christian in the African nation of Mauritania?  If you are caught admitting that you believe in Jesus Christ, you face the death penalty.  Over 99% of the population does not understand God’s saving love.  Please pray for the people of Mauritania, and read more here:

Please pray for the Moors of Mauritania.  An ancient people, they live nomadic lives in the dessert.  But, their hearts are also lost and wandering.  Please pray for God to bring his Word and his love to these lost people.  You can read more here:

Urgent Prayer Request:

Please pray for Pastor Ponnachan George, a Gospel for Asia leader in Assam, India, who has been kidnapped by terrorists.  The situation is very urgent, and prayers for wisdom, love, grace, and mercy are needed.  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from India, Algeria, Albania, and India

Thousands of homes burned.  Tens of thousands have fled from their homes.  Ethnic violence in Eastern India between Muslims and the Boro tribe has caused riots and chaos.  Please pray for God’s peace to reign in the situation and in the hearts of all those affected.  You can read more here:

The Taznatit Berber people of Algeria value holiness.  But, they have a problem.  They live in dessert regions of Algeria, very far removed from contact with those who can tell them about the God who loves them and is the only way they can live a truly holy life.  Please pray for Christians to find ways to reach the Taznatit Berbers, and please pray that a Bible in their language would be translated and made available.  You can read more here:

Birthday Requests:

Please pray for Antonio, in Albania, who turns five years old tomorrow.  He lives in a community impacted by AIDS, and needs your prayers to grow up safe and strong.  You can read more at

Please pray for Mallika, who turns 13 years old today, in India.  She has two other siblings, and she loves to run, jump rope, and play hide-and-seek.  You can read more here:

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Praises from Iran and North Korea!

Praise God that house church leader Noorollah Qabitizade was released from prison!  He was arrested on Christmas Eve, 2010, and has suffered solitary confinement, interrogation, and torture during his imprisonment.  You can read more here:

Please celebrate the release of 10 balloons, filled with information sharing the truth about Jesus, that have recently been launched into North Korea.  And, please pray for the truth to take root deep in the hearts of all who read it.  Please ask God to help those who pick up the information to understand it and receive His love.  Read more here:


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Prayer requests for India, Taiwan, Lebanon, and Tanzania

As you’re reading this entry, think for a moment about how it would feel if you could not read anything—not even your Bible.  That is the situation an organization is trying to remedy for 7,500 people in India.  You can read about it here:

Please pray for the church in Taiwan as it holds a conference to inspire churches and missionaries to overcome the struggles they face and reach their country with the love of Jesus.  You can read more here:

Please pray for a church in Lebanon, who is trying to serve an overwhelming number of Syrian refugees with food, aid, and blessing.  Read more:

Please pray for a church on the island of Zanzibar, in Tanzania, as they seek to grow and expand—despite the fact that they have been attacked twice in the past year.  In one attack, a mob of 300 people broke into the church and destroyed property.  In the second, a bomb was thrown into the church.  Thank God, it did not detonate, sparing the lives of the 500 men, women, and children inside!  You can read more here:

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Prayer requests from Thailand, South Asia, Nigeria, Turkey, and China

Please pray for the Wasti family in Thailand.  They fled severe persecution in their home country only to find more obstacles awaited them.  Read how fellow Christians have worked to serve their needs and showed them the love of Jesus.

Have you ever needed to study under a streetlight because your home had no light?  Read the story of Pastor Martin, and be encouraged to pray for the children living and dying in the slums of South Asia.  They need our love and prayers.  God will use them to make a difference in many lives.

Murdered while attending a funeral.  Please pray for the family of Senator Gyang Dantong, who was killed while attending a funeral and helping to bury over 100 Christians who had been killed in the Plateau state of Nigeria, victims of persecution.  Please read his story here and pray for the country of Nigeria:

Turkey—an ancient land, witness to some of the missionary visits of Paul and other early missionaries who shared with everyone they met the story of Jesus and how He had died for the sins of everyone.  But, today, many of the Turkish people, living in Turkey and in other places around the world, do not know of Jesus’ love and offer of a never-ending life with Him.  Please pray that God would help the Turkish people everywhere to feel His love and learn the truth about Him.  You can read more here:

On July 20, 2012, I posted a prayer request for children in China who were held for questioning after their Bible school was raided.  You can read the original post here:  You can read another article on that event, and read a reminder to pray for the children and their teachers the next time you attend a Bible class, by visiting:

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Prayer requests from Egypt, Turkmenistan, Syria, and the world

Attempted murder, arson, destruction of property—what would it be like to suffer as the victim of all three?  Sadly, Magda Najib, a Christian lawyer in Egypt, has experienced it herself.  And, she is not alone.  Please pray for Christians in Egypt.  You can read their stories here:

Did you know that the country of Turkmenistan is a country with a great potential for wealth?  Oil and natural gas are both abundant.  But, in many ways, Turkmenistan is very poor.  The freedom of their press is ranked among the worst in the world.  And, many of their people need to believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior, the only One who can bring them true wealth that does not end in the grave.  Read more here:

Read how a single phone call, filled with love, wisdom, and God, helped lead a person in a restricted nation to Jesus.  Please continue to pray for the love of God to spread to every heart, unrestricted.  Check out the story here:

Please pray for the refugees fleeing the violence in Syria who are desperate to escape a dangerous situation.  You can read more about their struggles here:

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